About First Kentucky Trust

For affluent families and individuals in the Louisville community and elsewhere, we’re a welcome alternative to faceless large banks and brokerage firms—a wise choice for those seeking a more personal and exceptional experience.

We created our own business after successful investment careers with other institutions because we felt Louisville lacked a boutique trust and investment company that could serve clients in an extremely attentive way, with the same sophistication and services as much larger firms.

Today, we’re answering the needs of a growing circle of clients seeking excellent relationships, opportunities, and resources.

Our clients measure their success numerous ways: by how well their investments are doing, how satisfying their interactions are, how closely their estate plans and strategies are being followed, and whether they’re getting the right answers.

You’ll find us a substantial resource, not just in terms of assets, but also in terms of the caliber of our people, strategies and solutions with which we support you. The fact that our clients actively refer and recommend us to others speaks volumes.

If you want an alternative that’s highly satisfying, we believe this is one you can count on, one worth experiencing.