We’ll answer your essential questions and concerns.

1. Are you getting all the personal care and attention you want from your financial institution?

It’s one reason we’re smaller scale: so we can give each client the one-to-one attention they need, and deserve. So we can be closely familiar with you, by name, face, voice, family circumstances and financial story. We promise this will always be your experience.

2. Are your advisors available when you need them?

Whenever clients want to talk with us, we’re reachable. We’re there for you, responsive. We hear about other firms that don’t call clients back for days. Which is nothing you’ll ever have to worry about here.

3. Do they have the necessary talent?

Few local firms are capable of providing both complete investment and trustee services. As a chartered trust company, ours is. In fact, nearly half of our business is trustee-related. While some of our competitors are larger, we compare very favorably in terms of investment and legal expertise, so there’s no shortage of talent.

4. Is your business handled directly by the most senior people?

Our principals work directly with clients, day-to-day. You’re never handed off to a junior staff member. They bring an average of over 20 years of individual experience. Your business and relationship deserve nothing less than the highest caliber focus.

5. Are you among like-minded clients?

Clients who left big banks and brokerage firms have been impressed with the special treatment they receive as a rule here. Some were so impressed by the philosophy and promise of the Firm they also became shareholders. Most clients are Kentucky natives. Some are local, while others live around the country. They range from individuals with ongoing business interests to retired couples and individuals to private family trusts.

6. Are you comfortable discussing your and your family’s financial affairs with your advisors?

Many clients consider us their chief financial officers, whether or not we manage their assets. They share everything freely, and we listen carefully. We understand your financial world, and serve as a source of insight and information; including recommending other resources you may need.

7. Are the solutions carefully and individually-tailored?

Nothing is prepackaged here. We see and treat everyone individually. From your point-of-view and lifestyle to your investment needs and interests. Every solution is carefully crafted for you or for any portfolios you have in trust for beneficiaries. However sophisticated or simple your goals, we help you reach them. 

8. Is your investing plan clear and comfortable?

It should be. Because your wealth and well-being are paramount. We only propose paths that are clear, right and absolutely comfortable. We’ll also help dispel the mystery and myths of investing.

9. Are you kept well informed on the risks and opportunities for your wealth?

Our success in guiding clients through both good and bad economic environments has enabled us to consistently attract new relationships. Part of our responsibility is to stay abreast of current and emerging challenges and opportunities around your wealth. From credit risk to estate taxes. And to keep you enlightened, while navigating the uncertainty, using innovative thinking to invest wisely for you—without undue risk. Clients take comfort in our proven experience handling all kinds of stock and bond markets. In making their financial lives more secure. In helping them weigh and make the right decisions. 

10. Are you as well-served as you would like to be by your institution?

If you are, we’re glad to hear it. If not, just know that a more satisfying experience is possible—and waiting for you and your family here. 

The fact that our clients actively refer and recommend us to others speaks volumes.